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Creating the Space You Love

Buying, building, or selling a home doesn’t have to be painful. I support buyers and sellers as well as realtors and builders to create more joyful experiences for themselves and their clients.

For Buyers

I help home buyers ease the stress of the home buying experience by helping them gain clarity on what they would truly love in their new home and how they might be getting in their own way of getting it. I help them go beyond just the square footage of their space and help them focus on how their new home supports their life, their families, and how they want to be in the world. Creating more joy and less stress in the process so they can start enjoying their new space sooner.

For Sellers

Selling a home can be a very emotional experience. After all, you've created memories in this space and often celebrate significant milestones in your life inside those walls. I help sellers make the transition of letting go of their old space while focusing on what serve's them going forward as well as the home they are leaving behind. My clients say this process helps unlock attachments for them. Suddenly offers start to flow in and the perfect buyer comes along to step into their former home.

For Builders and Realtors

I partner with builders and realtors to differentiate themselves in the market by helping them create a more joyful buying, building, or selling experience with their clients. I provide workshops with resources to help your clients be aligned and clear about what they want as well as techniques to support you in your journey with them. Creating a more joyful experience for you as well as a faster time to closing and increased referrals over the lifetime of your client.

What participants are saying

“We turned this into a different kind of date night for us! Tracy made us feel pampered and heard. We walked away with a shared understanding of our wants and needs, new ways of thinking about our home, and the basis for what our next home will be and who we want to be in it.”

“It was great for Tracy to guide us to put into words what it actually is that we want. It’s so easy to get lost in the static of it all. It was great for us to deliberately set the intention of this house and our life and read from the same book on that. It was a lot better than us just getting together and talking - you can get off track so easily.

“Sitting down with someone in this setting and hearing each other say out loud what each other wants, recognizing what is coming up for each of us and get all of that out in the open. It was very healing and got me out of my mundane story of ‘this is just how it is’. Tracy provided us with tools to get there. This has been amazing! It really helped a lot.”

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