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What clients are saying...

"As an executive at a leading B2B company going through tremendous transformation, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Tracy’s team effectiveness practice on three different teams – two I was part of, one I was leading. 


In my initial experience, I saw first-hand how Tracy’s technique building a first team dramatically repaired historically strained leader relationships to a co-elevating, supportive leadership team.  Conversely, I’ve seen her tactics and guidance accelerate the forming and ultimately the performance of a brand-new team, likely saving us months of churn by getting us to a functioning team faster. 


I recommend Tracy’s team effectiveness for a new or existing team if you’re looking to drive higher performance and create a culture of co-elevation. Keep your eye out for a badger."

Team Effectiveness

Creating a high performing team is both an art and a science. As a leader, I've been through the ringer and I know first-hand how hard it can be. And let's face it, being high performing may not even be what you want. Most leaders and teams aspire to be more than high-performing and drive to be exceptional. Teams want to look for new ways of operating and have fun while they do it. Team members want more joy in their work as well as impact. 


My specialty is working with leadership teams who want more than just to hit their targets. They want to move into new markets, new products, or new ways of operating. They want to grow, expand, and create an impact for the customers they serve. And they know "what got them Here won't get them There".

I specialize in laying a strong foundation for team trust and help teams put structures in place that support the growth of that trust over time.


Teams I work with report a higher degree of ownership over their team and the outcomes they create. They are more vulnerable and collaborative with each other and their partners in the business. They make decisions quicker and with healthy debate. They report greater satisfaction with their job, their teams, and their leader.

Whether you have a brand new team and want to get them off to a great start, or have a team that may be struggling, I tailor my solutions to your needs and can support you with workshops, one to one coaching, or a combination of both to ensure long term behavior change.

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